2020 is time to get rid of that tummy…It is a weird easy process.  

Dont wait to feel great get a colonic today….

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Welcome to our small Wellness Center located in Visalia California.  We offer colon hydrotherapy colonics with the open system.  This awkward topic and interesting procedure gives awareness to your health and digestive tract.  We believe it is one of the best ways for  anti aging and help make a difference.to your health and overall wellbeing.  We are here to give comfort, privacy and help make a difference to your colon cleansing out bacterias, gasses, fecal waist, even parasites..                             Don’t hesitate call today (559-697-5758).  Your body will Thank you.


Watch how one client goes from looking pregnant (with a “Poop Baby” and feeling like sh#t, to slimmer and happy after she’s relieved of all that’s been building up in her gut giving her side effects of depression, sadness, no energy, rude and mean, irritable with her family, missing work and family events.                                          Very unhappy time living with constipation and digestive issues.


Cyn was tired of exercising a hour a day and still had her pooh pooh pooch.  She received colonics,  three sessions and got her belly changed washing  out the bacterias that cause so much bloating.  Fungus lives in us and grows taking up space, fermented fecal waist releases gases and now bloated.  Colon wash for 45 minutes to do your body good..Anti-aging for sure.  That sh-t can’t be good for us.


I took my mom here yesterday and Britney was very professional and did a great job talking her through her treatment. Overall it was a really good experience the room was clean. I’m so glad we have a good colonic’s place here in town. —Jessica G. Visalia, Ca


My boyfriend and I went in for colonics with Terah. We wanted to clean out our colons and start living a healthier lifestyle. We were both pretty nervous. Terah was very professional and absolutely wonderful and she explained the process to us thoroughly. Everything was very clean and sanitary. We had a great experience and purchased a package so we can each go back twice more. I’ll also add that we both lost a few pounds in the process! —D.C. Tulare, Ca



Pretty Nervous