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Colonics saved my ass

Hello, First I want to say you must be having some sort of belly pain, digestive problem or weight issues to research Colonics or weight loss and possibly IBS or what about Gas and Bloating oh yes don’t forget Constipation or diarrhea. I can contest to 14 years of helping people as the founder and owner of La Paz Spa as a Colon therapist wash out many of colons has been the best shitty Job ever. Love my life, Love hearing how much better people feel when they are done and even during the session, results are seen and felt within minutes. Lovemylife. La Paz Spa first started in 2004 in Orange County Ca. with the second one opening in 2008 on the north part of OC Seal Beach. I have seen so much sh-t. Stuff Harming Intestinal Tract. I wanted to help people in my old stomping ground Tulare County. So that is why Visalia office opened I have a wonderful beautiful lady helping, her name is Terah, She loves to make a difference also my beautiful daughter Brittany.  Call  559 697 5758 or email and if you are in Orange County or Long Beach area give me a call 949 228 1654 or check out more yelp reviews on colonics La Paz Spa. Laguna Hills and Seal Beach. Best anti aging healthy treatment on the market.

200 lbs to 150       Debbie Drew