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Colonics assist with health changes! MEDICATIONS side effects. CONSTIPATION! IBS! BODY PAIN!


LARGE POOP BALLS I bet she feels better

Come experience RELIEVE.  To clean out the colon will give you inner rewards as feeling lighter, stand tall, able to breath better, flatter tummy, sleep better and so many other rewards for your over all well-being.  No reason to stay sick and tired.  COLONICS work go to Yelp reviews for LA PAZ SPA in Laguna Hills and Seal beach they will help give you comfort it is a weird weird health tool for your life.  Try it your Body with Thank you.

always feel free to call or text to ask questions. 559 697 5758

Colonics Information



Welcome to A Better Colon, where health and wellness is a gut feeling. We believe that a happy gut is the key to a happy life. And one of the best ways to ensure a happy gut is by detoxing the colon with a colonic — the natural way to hydrate and cleanse with water!

Do you suffer from poor digestion? Do you want more energy to live life? Are you trying to lose weight to feel healthier? Do you want to detox your body but do not know where to start?

We can help.  The process is about 45 minutes to a hour.  Water slowing runs in your rectum through a small rectal tube while lying on the reclining chair toilet.  You use your evacuation muscles to eliminate the bacteria’s, gases and fecal waste. It goes down and out and you can see it through the view tube.  Very helpful.  Belly bloat goes down back pain goes away overall feel lighter and happier.

For 67.00 you will be transformed to a new understanding of the digestion tract allowing better absorption of nutrients more energy, better sleep, even skin looks healthier.     Give us a call and we can get you started to a new cleaner you.  We are located by the court house off of Mineral King.

559 697 5758